What are the advantages of buying groceries online ?

Shoppers can shop at competitive prices at Futregsemart.com in Gurgaon on all the grocery items. Because when we sell online, we can sell stuff at good prices. With fewer overheads, no parking lots or aisle shelves and store floors to pay for, we can concentrate on lower prices for you. You can also save on your regular grocery bill at Futregsemart.com, Not only that, but you will also receive free home delivery – no matter where in Gurgaon you live!. Plus you only pay once you receive your order- So, why to search for others & comparing the rates, when we are for your for service?

Is there a minimum order value for delivery ?
Ans. Yes, you have to order above Rs.999/– & the Delivery is free in Gurgaon. For any orders below Rs.999/- Shipping Charges Rs.30/- will be charged extra.

For Delivery outside Gurgaon you have to order above Rs.1000 the delivery charges will be free and if below Rs.1000 then shipping charges of Rs.150 will be charged extra.

Well, it seems to be amazing ! that you offer at discounted prices all round the year and others can’t ? But how it works ?
Ans. It’s simple. Our buyers are masters of seduction; we tell our suppliers that all our customers will turn up in their driveway if they don’t give us a better-than-amazing deal on their products – it’s a pretty compelling proposition. Needless to say, they comply. But in reality, our ability to source amazing deals on everyday groceries probably has something to do with the fact that we order huge amounts, have fast turnover, offer suppliers fast payment and have low overheads.

What are the products you sell & what about which we cannot find in GSE MART ?
We deal in a wide variety & category of products. Our speciality is in all Grocery items. Likewise we have many different Categories useful for daily & household purpose given in our website. For the products things you can’t find, let us know by our email id and we will try to make it available to you or could inform you about the status.




How do I remove an item I’m no longer interested in from my shopping Cart?
Click on your Shopping Cart. Find the item you no longer want in your cart and check the “select” option to choose that item. Then click the delete button at the bottom of your shopping cart.

Do you take phone orders?
Yes we take phone orders.

I just got an email update that a product I ordered has been cancelled or is no longer available. Why is it on your website?
With products constantly being discontinued it can be quite difficult to catch and remove these from the website with 100% accuracy; these products unfortunately can be overlooked until it is brought to our attention.

How do I add items to my Shopping Cart ?
First, you have to click on the product. Then click the “Add” button to add the product to your Shopping Cart.

How soon can I expect my order?
We do our best to ship orders between 24 to 48 hrs.

What happens if an item is out of stock?
If you order an item that is out of stock you will not be charged for that item (unless you choose the option of allowing substitutions).
If your entire order consists of one item and that single item is out of stock then we will notify you that the item is unavailable and that your order has been cancelled.

I don’t see the item I want, can I request it?
Yes, we welcome all requests. You can request us to add any item to the website and we will do so if we can get the item from our distributors.

Do I have to finish my order in one sitting?
No, if you already have an account, items will remain in your cart until either you checkout or you remove them. Just remember that before leaving the site you must sign in to your account in order to merge the products into the cart.

How can I pay for my order?
At present our  payment mode is Cash on Delivery and other Mode of payment by :   Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards, Sodexo and other Payments Wallets(Paytm, Google Pay & Phone pay etc.)

TECHNICAL FAQWhy can’t I log in to see my Order Update?
We send you an email whenever we update your order status; however, you can only log in to check your order status if you have set up an account with us. If you bypass setting up an account when you place your order you will be unable to get your order updates via the website.

Which browser should I use for your website?
We suggest, to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How do I know this website is secure?
GSE Mart takes full advantage of the security provided by your Web browser and our Web server. Your transactions are encrypted as they travel over the Internet.
Different browsers use different indicators to show that you are viewing secure pages. You should check your browser’s help file to see how it tells you when you have a secure connection.
No matter which browser you use, you can verify you have a secure connection by checking the address line of the page you’re on. The address of a secure page will begin with “https” rather than “http.”

How do I change my personal information?
You can change your password, email address and address information by going to My Account.

Will the site remember my log in information?
It will.

I forgot my password, can you help?
Go to the Log In Page and click the link that says “Forgot Password”, Click on it, Password Recovery Page is opened & prompts for your “Email Address” , type your Email Address & a new password will be emailed to you.